Thursday, October 31, 2013

October favorites

It's the end of the month, which means it's time for my first ever october favorites.
So let's get started..

Rituals yogi flow shower gel
I bought this shower gel this summer after my previous roommate recommended it to me. I've used it every day since and I really love it. It has a fresh, floral scent to it and it feels so soft on my skin. 
Price: €8/200ml
Rituals himalaya wisdom scrub
Same as with the shower gel, I bought this scrub this past summer. I use it about once a week to get the dead skin off of my body. Again it really makes the skin really soft and smooth and it leaves a cooling feel on the skin.
Price: €15/265gr

Vichy normaderm daily scrub
I've been using this facial scrub for the past two years and I haven't found a better one. It's got microbeads in it which helps to exfoliate the skin. It's meant to be a daily cleanser/scrub, but I just like to use it 1-2 a week. 
Price: €13.95/125ml
Bioderma sebium global
This is my second tube of this product and I can only describe this as my hoily grail. I suffer from acne scarring and this has helped so much with smoothing out my skin's texture.
Price: €14.90/30ml
I've only been using the clarisonic for the past three weeks and I couldn't live without it anymore!! This just cleanses your skin so much better, I've noticed a huge difference in the quality of my skin. My only negative about this would be that it's on the pricier side.
Price: €150

Batiste dry shampoo (tropical scent)
I've never used a dry shampoo before, but since I cut bangs a couple of months ago I really felt I needed to invest in one. I like the scent of this dry shampoo and it does work. The only thing I don't like about it is that it leaves a grey residu in your hair.
Price: €5.99/200ml
Babyliss easycurl curling wand
This is the best curling wand I've ever used. It heats up in a second and it gives the nicest waves to my hair. It only takes me about 10 minutes to do my entire head of hair. 
Price: €50

Urban decay naked 2 
This is my everyday eyeshadow palette. It's got every color you could want in there.
Price: €43 
Revlon colorstay foundation
I've been wanting to buy this foundation for a while now and I finally did it. I've got extremely oily skin and I had heared such amazing things about the lasting power of this foundation. It's a medium to full cover foundation and it blends flawlessly into my skin. 
Price: €14.50/30ml
Mac studio fix powder foundation
Because of my oily skin I like setting my foundation with powder foundation. It helps with the staying power of my foundation and it just gives me that bit more coverage that I like. 
Price: €30/15gr
Mac bronzing powder
I don't like bronzing up my entire face, so I just use this matte bronzer to contour my face. It's just the right color for my skin tone. It's not too mudy and not orange at all as many bronzers tend to be. 
Price: €24.50/10gr
Mac blush in Mocha
This is just the perfect fall color for your cheecks.
Price: €21.50/6gr
Mac paint pot in Soft Ochre
I don't just have an oily face, I also have oily eyelids and to prevent my eyeshadows from creasing I use this as my eyeshadow base. 
Price: €19/5gr
Diorshow iconic mascara
This is the perfect everyday mascara. I doesn't really give a lot of volume to your lashes, but it does lenghten and it seperates my lashes beautifully.
Price: €30.96/8gr
Revlon lipbutter in Pink Truffle
This is my everyday go to natural lip color. I'm pretty sure the revlon lipbutters are marketed as a tinted lipbalm, but I use it more like a lipstick. 
Price: €10.99
Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 107
I bought this lipstick last year and it's my favorite red lipstick. I also think it's the perfect color for fall/winter. It's not one of those bright reds, it's a darker red with a blue undertone in it which automatically makes you teeth look whiter *bonus points*.
It also had amazing staying power. It stayed on my lips all through the day, even through eating and drinking.
Price: €9.99
Maybelline babylips in Fresh Mint
This is the lipbalm I've been using all through the month. I really like that it leaves a cool stinging feeling on my lips. And it does keep your lips hydrated through the day. 
Price: €3.99
OPI You don't know jacques
This is a beautiful, natural brown-greyish color. I think it's just perfect for the fall. And I like the creamy texture of OPI nailpolishes
Price: €13.95/15ml
H&M foundation brush
Dior do a version of this brush and I had been eyeing it for a while. But then I came across this one in H&M, so I didn't waist any time buying it. I have to say it's the best foundation brush I have used so far and I definitely recommend it. It's also way cheaper than the Dior one.
Price: €7.95

L: Revlon lipbutter in Pink Truffle
R: Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 107

Oreo cookies
Hi, my name is Nathalie and I'm an addict <3
Once upon a time
My sister and I stumbled across this tv show at the end of september and we've been watching it every week. It's currently in it's second season in Belgium and I LOVE it!! Plus I think captain Hook looks really cute rocking the guyliner. 

What are your favorites for this month??
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TAG: It's all about me..

Vital Statistics
Name: Nathalie
Nicknames: None??..
Day of birth: May 10th 1989
Place of birth: Antwerp, Belgium
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Male/Female: Female.. Duh!!
Occupation: Shopgirl
Residence: Antwerp
Screen name: Diary Of A MakeUp Addict

Hair color: Brown
Hair lenght: Mid-lenght
Eye color: Grey-green-blue
Best feature: My eyes
Height: About 168cm
Braces: I had braces for two years when I was 21
Glasses: Only when I'm driving at nighttime or watching tv
Piercing: My ears
Tattoos: Nope
Righty/Lefty: Righty :D

Your firsts:
Best friend: Nathalie. No, not myself.. There was actually a girl in my class that was also named Nathalie..
First award: I don't remember :S
Firts sport you joined: The athletics team
First real vacation: It was either Germany or Hungary
First concert: Westlife
First love: Maarten

Movie: I don't know. I've seen too many movies, I just can't decide which one I like best
TV-show: Currently 'Once upon a time'
Colors: PINK!!
Song: Let it be by The Beatles
Candy: Ice cream
Restaurant: De Smoutstoop
Store: Primark
School: Wait.. What!?!? 
Book: PS I love you
Magazine: Cosmo
Shoes: Boots

Feeling: Tired
Single/Taken: Single
Eating: Nothing
Typing: This :P
Online: Nope
Listening to: My neighbors making too much noise
Thinking about: All the things I need to do tomorrow
Wanting: A new car
Watching: My computer screen
Wearing: Pyjamas

Want children: Yes
Want to be married: Not necessarily, but I really do want to wear a white dress
Careers in mind: Working in PR and eventplanning
Where do you want to live: Doesn't really matter

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: Yes.. Oepsie :S
Had alcohol: Yes
Smoked: I tried it out once, and really didn't like it
Ran away from home: No
Broken a bone: No *Knocks on wood*
Got an x-ray: Yes
Broken someone's heart: I hope not
Broke up with someone: Yes
Cried when someone died: Yes
Cried at school: Probably

Do you believe in:
God: No
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: No
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No
Soul mates: Yes
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: Sure.. Why not
Yourself: Most of the time

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

25 facts about me

1. I'm Belgian
2. Sadly, I'm allergic to chocolate and to most sorts of fish
3. My favorite color is pink
4. I'm tachycardic, which means that my heart rate is faster than most people. My heart           rate has an average speed of 120bpm. Here's how Wikipedia describes it:
Tachycardia is a heart rate that exceeds the normal range. A resting heart rate over 100 beats per minute is generally accepted as tachycardia. Tachycardia can be caused by various factors which often are benign. However, tachycardia can be dangerous depending on the speed and type of rhythm.
5. I'm afraid of flying, heights and falling (FOF). It's no joke, there really is such a thing as       fear of falling :P
6. I love Italian food
7. I despretaly want Sephora to open a store in Belgium. The nearest Sephora to me is in           Paris, which is in France!!
8. I would like to travel all over the world
9. My favorite tv shows are crime-related shows like Castle, The mentalist, Criminal                 Minds, Bones...
10. I love to sing although I never sing in the shower
11. I can't sing :D I'm the most tone-deaf person you will ever meet
12. My favorite car is the volkswagen bug
13. I'm 24 years old
14. I don't smoke
15. I have a younger sister and an older brother
16. I danced for about 5-6 years
17. I also did waterpolo and cross country running when I was younger
18. If i like a song, I will play it on repeat until I'm so sick of it I will never want to hear it           again. EVER.
19. I'm horrible at keeping plants alive. You can give me an evergreen and it will still die.
20. My favorite flowers are tullips and gerberas
21. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety
22. I'm terrified of horses and large dogs
23. I still watch Disney movies all the time. Tinkerbell is my favorite character
24. I was severly bullied from age 6 through 18. As a result I've suffered from depression in         the past
25. I'm very shy when you first meet me, but once I'm comfortable around you, you won't             be able to shut me up :D

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