Thursday, January 16, 2014

The importance of eye cream

When it comes to skincare most people know that it's best to cleanse and moisturize their skin every day.
I find however that there's a lot of you that forget a very important part of your skin.. The under-eye area!!

As we get older we notice small wrinkles creating around our eyes, crow's feet. Let's be honest for a second here. Nobody likes to see that they are getting older and well.. Crow's feet are a good indication that you've lived a little already.
All of a sudden we panic and we start using eye creams like crazy, but there's no point, because at this stage you are already too late. 
You can however start using eyecreams right now. If you're still young, it might prevent you from getting crow's feet at a young age and if you are already suffering from crow's feet, don't stress out just yet. Using an eye cream will prevent any further damage that can happen to your under-eye area. 

The reason we start seeing signs of aging sooner around our eyes is because the skin is a lot thinner, vulnerable and delicate in that area. Wrinkles are created because the skin around our eyes doesn't have any oil or water glands to keep that area moisturized. So it's very important to keep that part of your skin hydrated. It doesn't really matter that much wheter you use your daily moisturizer or a seperate eye cream to get there. There are however people that claim that your daily moisturizer is not rich enough and is not designed to be used on that area and that you better buy a specific cream for your under-eye area depending on what you are trying to prevent/cure.
Wheter it's puffines, dark circles, wrinkles.. There's an eye cream for everything nowadays.
I myself like to use an anti-wrinkle cream and an hydrating eye cream, because I'm trying to prevent wrinkles from happening.

All of this aside, the best advice I can give you is to make sure that whatever you're using has an SPF in it and to stay away from smoking and too much sun light, because as we all know all to well, those are the most damaging to your skin..

What do you think is the best eye cream out on the market right now?? Let me know on twitter @_MakeUpDiary_ or comment down below.

Xoxo Nathalie

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