Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas #10 + Blogmas #11

My Benefit advent calender was really exciting for the past 2 days. Two products that I've been wanting to try for a long time. The Stay Flawless 15h primer and Benetint. How good can this get.
I hope that from now on I'll be getting more of these exciting goodies. 

I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday. Honestly, doing blogmas is a lot harder than I thought. And I don't have an extremely exciting life. I guess I didn't think this through before I started, but I don't want to give you guys half-assed blogposts. Which I feel like I'm doing right now. I guess if I was doing vlogmas it would be a little more fun to watch because you can see me in action. But is it really fun or interesting for you to read about me doing my laundry or organizing my make-up collection? 
I'm still gonna finish blogmas, but I might not upload a post everyday. I will try though. 
Not that I'm not enjoying doing blogmas, but I'm looking forward to the 24th of december. It will be my last day of blogmas. I'm really looking forward to posting my regular reviews again. Not that I wouldn't be able to do them now, but I'm not really seeing how I can incorporate them inbetween my blogmas posts. 

How's your december going so far? Please let me know in the comments below or on twitter @_MakeUpDiary_

Xoxo Nathalie

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  1. I love benefit! i was planning to get the advent calendar but it was a bit to pricy for the size of the actual products and i was a little disappointed they didn't have the little blushes. Still the products look cool and i really want to try the stay flawless primer. Great post :)

  2. Great post my dear!